Car CV Fogging Machine


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  • The car unit capacity is 300ml – you will need to fill this with 60ml of the solution and 240ml of normal tap water.
  • The unit disperses 30ml per hour – averaging 10 hours per fill.
  • The unit delivers a fine mist that moves like a cloud coating all surfaces and kills 99.99% of all virus withing 2 minutes. We recommend you to run this for 30 minutes for full coverage.
  • This solution is a non-toxic, food safe, eco biocide that leaves all surfaces that it meets infection free and available to use within two minutes.
    It dries on contact.
  • It is harmless to humans and animals.
  • The solution is odourless.

Please note the white unit is the newer model and will be supplied

Out of stock

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Now is the time to Safely and Easily, Disinfect your car with 100% natural solution.

Our vehicle CV Fogging, Cloud Disinfecting unit, uses micro particle technology, to deliver a fine visible fog, that moves like a cloud around the interior, disinfecting everything in its path.

And, for your peace of mind, it’s a Non-toxic, non-allergenic, food safe, ECO solution, which strives to leave your vehicle disinfected within minutes of installation.  But that’s not all, you’ll be pleased to know, you can use it continuously, it’s Dry on contact, non-bleaching, food safe and best of all, harmless to humans and animals.

Better to be safe than sorry! Make YOUR vehicle safe today!

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5 Litre solution available with the car unit

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