Car Fogging Unit Refill


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Ready to use Anolyte ANK Refill

Your 5-units container of ready to use Anolyte ANK disinfectant, is a powerful 100ppm formula.  This is ready to use and disinfect the ambient air in your vehicle, helping to protect against viruses and bacteria such as Coronavirus, Legionella, Flu, Listeria, E Coli, Norovirus, Staphylococcus and much more.

Directions for use – Remove car unit from the vehicle, unscrew top and add ready to use solution being careful not to overfill.  Replace the top back on to the unit and place carefully back in to the cup holder.  Plug in to the USB port and your ready to go.

Helps protect you and you’re passengers against bacteria, fungi and viruses within the vehicle.  Dependant of the size of the vehicle 2 units may be required.  For added protection, we recommend using our flairosol fine mist spray – “Disinfect” for treating hotspots such as door handles and seatbelts etc.